Weddings on COVID-19

Some couples dreamed of their wedding day for months and even years in advance. They carefully chose every detail, provider, service. They imagined themselves walking towards the altar, in their waltz, greeting all their guests with their parents and dancing all night with all their friends.

Unfortunately, given the situation that we live in Mexico and the world (COVID-19), many of these weddings had to be postponed, a decision that has cost a lot of work to take to all couples, because it not only represents a change of date, it represents a change Total logistics of the event, many will have to change some of the providers they always dreamed of holding their event and even understand that guests will no longer be able to attend their wedding.

In our industry, that of organizing social events, not only represents a change of any date, for us it represents a lot of effort that your wedding changes as little as possible from its original plan, we understand the situation that we are all going through and we want to tell you that we will do everything possible to give you the best options to carry out your event as they dreamed it as soon as possible.

Bride, groom, in the end that great day will come, we will be there and we will be complicit in your great love, we can share a little of the happiness you feel. That day will come even more charged, full of hugs, kisses, love, happiness and we will be the organizers, banquets, DJ's, florists, waiters, event rooms, barman's and many more people who work and will work with all the effort and union to make it even more unforgettable and make the wedding of your dreams come true with your loved ones